I was walking through a book store a few days ago, perusing the magazine section before heading home, when I looked to my right only to see something familiar.

Available now.

Available now.

Someone's work I know is on the cover of a magazine. That's by Leah Yerpe, who was attending Pratt at the same time as me. I very much remember her working on these drawings at the time, they are quite memorable, though I'm having a hard time remembering exactly when or where I saw them. Anyways, it's really cool to see someone you know getting recognition like this.

Last January a lot of people braved the cold to go to her show at the Dillon Gallery in New York. I was able to get down there just before the close of the reception, and it was totally worth the trip. Hers is the kind of work you really can't comprehend unless you see it in person. The scale alone is hard to describe.

I've added some photos I took at the time to give you and idea of just how big some of these pieces are. If you ever get the chance to see them in person, take it.

The man in this image is about 6 ft (1.8 m) for scale.


The detail in the works hold up to an almost photorealistic quality until you are within less than three feet from the page. The most beautiful lines are in the hair.

I liked the idea of using magnets to hold the work to the wall. the price of frames would have been exorbitant and the magnets are a nice method of hanging the work with out damaging it.

There is a strange perspective in the drawings that doesn't make sense, but works in an intriguing way. It draws you in. Your eye moves easily around the drawings and the paper is large enough to contain the work. You can get a little lost in it if you stare.

I enjoyed the lighting used to display the work as well.

You can see more of Leah's work on her website here.