For a throwback picture this week I've pulled out this image from Tanzania.

Mt. Meru at Sunset

This picture was take form the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, which is one of those mountains that is so big that you almost don't notice that your on it. I took this picture with an old camera, the kind that folds out with a small bellows. This was the first medium format camera I ever tried to use, and not to many of the photos came out well... or at all. This was due to a very technical issue known as "not knowing what I was doing." Anyways, this picture is a product of my advanced photo theory, "take enough pictures and some will eventually be good." Talent helps, but really to get a good photo you have to take hundreds or thousands of bad ones.

All things considered, I really like this image. It's a little unclear, not the super sharp HDR type image that is so common in landscape today. I really like HDR images, in no small part because I have yet to master the technique, but there is something to not being able to see everything. There is something to mystery.

For me this image is a memory, emotionally vibrant while being somewhat blurry around the edges.

You can buy a print of this image here. (it probably even works now!)