In the spirit of Throw Back Thursday I've been going through some of my old photos. I figure I can post an old one up here ever week. To kick us off is this image from Brooklyn taken back in 2009.

Red Hook, 2009

This photo was take in the summer of 2009, which was cloudy when it wasn't rainy. I had some free time that summer, and would go exploring when I didn't think it would be too much of a risk to my camera.

The reflection of this building in the water was what really caught my eye. Sitting across the water reminded me of some kind of castle that would be sitting on a picturesque European lake. Except of course that everything about this building is the opposite of picturesque. Not a castle but a run down old building that isn't wanted any more. Not a beautiful lake but Gowanus Bay. A castle is a reminder of a romantic past that never happened, while this old factory is a reminder of an industrial system that time has past by.

There is still, however, something romantic about it. This building has since been torn down.

You can buy prints of this image here. (or you will be able to soon, sorry.)