Silk Screen Works, 2009-2010

Silk screen is a favorite medium for me, probably because of it's similarity to photography. Indeed, my silkscreen work is highly influenced by my and others photography. 

These are from a series that was built around the idea of New York City being a so large while at the same time made up of small individual pieces. I remember in my undergrad years I took a class in East Asian brush painting, where we learned just how long it would take to learn how to paint a single orchid well. Although I never have taken up brush painting since, one lesson I remember from that class was about how a pebble, if viewed up close, has the same structure as the mountain it came from. I don't know who's idea that was, or, if I am being honest, if it for sure came from that class, but it's an idea that stuck with me. I like to think that in the smallest graffiti covered mail box we can see the whole city.